Search Inside Yourself

Developed at Google.

Based on Brain Science.

Mindful Leadership Program.

Creating workplace ecosystems that thrive on the emotional intelligence, innovation and potential of their people.


Search Inside Yourself (SIY) is a retreat-like highly interactive and experiential training that blends mindfulness, emotional intelligence & neuroscience to awaken the best in people and organisations.

SIY has been offered to thousands of Googlers to take their leadership to new levels of effectiveness, purpose, and meaning. Developed by a Google Engineer, a Zen teacher, a Stanford University Neuroscientist, and Daniel Goleman, the author of Emotional Intelligence, SIY has moved hundreds of organizations and over 50,000 individuals around the world.


Bridging age-old mindfulness practice and modern neuroscience, SIY uses a combination of live training, individual assessments, and virtually delivered practices to help individuals develop emotional intelligence skills to thrive in our complex, fast-paced society.

Emotional Intelligence

Workplace studies prove that emotional competencies enhance performance, effectiveness, and well-being. EI is the essential skillset for leadership in our increasingly digital age.


Research shows that mindfulness is a foundational skill that underpins the inner factors of growth: self-awareness, self- management, and emotional skills.


Neuroscience shows that how we direct our attention determines the mental habits we form, the emotions we develop, and the results we experience.

"I highly recommend SIY to anyone looking to improve the way their team works together, enhance their innovative thinking and clarity, reduce stress, improve general wellbeing, manage difficult conversations, and be generally more at peace."

-- Barry Margerum, Chief Strategy Officer Plantronics

Acquiring the skills that   allow your teams to meet the demands of digitization and automation. 

Lasting Effects

SIY has been made to optimize opportunities for professional and personal development. The program is backed up by research and data showing tangible changes after four weeks of practice.

Live Training

In-person two-day or virtual (series of (6) 2-hour Zoom sessions) intensive program, providing mindfulness & emotional intelligence takeaway tools while delivering the underpinning neuroscience and applications to life, work and leadership.

Virtual Practice

Four weeks of daily exercises and resources delivered by email to the inbox of each participant.

Buddy System

Four weeks of independent short partnered follow-up conversations with colleagues or other participants from the program.


A debrief group webinar to reconnect with the SIY facilitators to integrate the learning, answer questions and provide direction forward.

We offer SIY as an in-house development program for businesses, NGOs, NPOs, or teams between 15 & 130 people of all backgrounds and hierarchy levels. SIY can be customized to various audiences including Senior Leaders and Executives, Teams, New Managers, Individual Contributors, University Students, and Recent Graduates.

Offered as:

Signature 2-Day SIY

1-Day Program

Half-Day Program



Organizations look to SIY to allow their staff to:

Increase focus, working memory, and attention.

Build resilience in the face of challenges.

Develop greater self-awareness and emotion regulation.

Unleash creativity and innovative thinking.

Manage stress and reduce stress symptoms.

Communicate clearly and effectively and train empathy.

Experience greater well-being and improve performance.

Expand leadership  and decision-making capacity.

Join the movement of organizations that yield the fruits of mindful, conscious and compassionate leadership and collaboration.

You're in good company.



[SAP] has seen a 200 percent return on investment, with the training leading to a rise in employee engagement and a fall in absenteeism.


Reuters, At Germany's SAP, employee mindfulness leads to higher profits



As an advocate of the diversity and inclusion movement, I have been asking how someone could realize that they have an unconscious bias toward certain groups and how to get rid of the bias: I found the answer in this course.

Soh Ling Loke, Global Program Manager, Dell



[D]eveloped specifically for Google’s engineers, it needed to be taught in a completely straightforward, secular language, because scientists and engineers are typically skeptics.

Fast Company, Inside Google's Insanely Popular Emotional Intelligence Course




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